Whiskyflection is an iPad and iPhone application that supports iOS 5.0 and newer.

Whiskyflection has the following capabilities.

  • A sliding paged interface. The first screen is your "New Review" page so you can quickly record your impressions.
  • A standardized way to capture color and nosing impressions within the app.
  • Twitter integration - can be turned on or off
  • Foursquare integration - record where you were when you tasted your whisky
  • Reddit integration - automatically create an imgur image of your reviewed whisky and post your thoughts to Reddit
  • A searchable history of past reviews
  • Integration with the Whiskyflection website. When you review a whisky it is uploaded to Whiskyflection for future capabilities
  • Localization - Whiskyflection currently supports French, German, Italian and English language
  • A tutorial on first run of the application shows how to utilize the interface of the application